Rising Vacations was born from the passion and experiences gained by two travellers who have traversed the European continent numerous times in search of unique and captivating experiences. Adding their creative sensibilities to the mix, they now create incredibly personalized tours and provide useful guidance and tips for planning successful and memorable European vacations.
alessia-aboutWith a background in Economy and Business from the University of Verona, Alessia has spent extended time in her home country of Italy, as well as longer periods in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Madrid, Spain. Through her travels, she has come to meet locals, discover well-known and hidden treasures, all while gaining a deeper understanding of each unique culture and their lifestyle. With more than 10 years of experience working as a travel planner for Cultural Italy, she has helped many clients discover her home country with eyes attentive to all cultural aspects. Her priority as a travel planner is to understand and satisfy all clients’ needs by providing them with accurate, timely and expert information to make each trip a uniquely planned enjoyable experience.
simone-aboutA graduate from the University of Venice with a degree in Medieval History, Simone spent periods during his studies in cultural exchange with Germany, Spain and Portugal, bolstering his passion for history. Having visited most European countries, he thrives on gaining knowledge about and diving deeper into understanding all the cultures of the continent. With a long career in the fashion industry behind him creating tailor-made clothes, Simone realizes the importance of carefully listening to each customer’s needs in order to create a one-off spectacular custom product.

Rising Vacations creates customized tours in Europe for curious travellers who want to live authentic experiences and build unforgettable memories. Believing in the importance of consulting clients to understand their needs, likes and travel style, each Rising Vacation agent has been trained to provide the highest professional, competent and courteous service. With the aim to immerse travellers deeply into European cultures and their nuances, each trip starts at the preparation stage itself.

Europe is a word which comes from the ancient Greek (Εὐρώπη) and refers to the myth of the Phoenician princess Europa who was seduced by Zeus and taken to the island of Crete. One of the meanings of Europe is “wide-gaze: the capacity to be forward-looking towards the results of our actions. An emblem of this capacity is the Phoenix, a legendary bird capable of rising from its own ashes, embodying longevity, immortality and powerfully symbolizing spiritual and physical rebirth.
From this point of view, the Phoenix represents Europe well. Since ancient times Europe has been a continent of distinct cultures that have joined and mixed to generate new ones, always rising after a long history of events that have taken place throughout the centuries.

Rising Vacations chooses to present some of the many experiences that clients can enjoy in each country. This is to guide and address the perfect choice of the country to visit based on what each client really wants to experience. Let your expectations be met, and let your interests and wishes lead you in the discovery of new European experiences!

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