Choose your memorable European experience when traveling with our customized vacation packages. You will get the chance to discover new cultures and their true local aspects.

Europe is a paradise for foodies!

Each destination in Europe offers foodies an unforgettable European experience. Most of the best spots for hungry foodies around the world are located in Europe. It is hard to define this mixture of flavors, ingredients and culinary traditions which influenced the cuisines of many cultures. Ranging from simple and traditional recipes to the modern gastronomy, eating and tasting is one of the best cultural experiences to be had in the whole continent: you will indulge in trendy restaurants, unknown taverns and lively food markets, all washed down by excellent wines.

Learning European art and history

In Europe we celebrate life through the art and beauty that is all over the continent. Monumental treasures and historical sites will go along with you on your European experience: you will breathe the splendor of the past through each painting, sculpture and architecture.

Dreamy landscapes and wellness centers

European destinations are plenty of natural and relaxing spots. Whether you are looking for a quick wellness break or a longer resting vacation on your European experience, you can choose among amazing ski resorts, ancient thermal baths and lush countryside retreats.

European romantic getaways

From Paris, the “City of Love”, to the beautiful Prague; passing through the passionate Seville and the intimate Vienna: please your sweetheart celebrating your honeymoon, wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day and spending unforgettable moments to cherish forever on your romantic European experience.

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