Explore Greece: We Offer It All for Your Dream Holiday to Become A Reality

Greece. The home of western civilization and democracy. What better place to go for holidays? It is an opportunity to discover the roots of culture.

When it comes to Greece vacation packages, there are so many options. Think about what you really want to explore about this diverse country. A Greece tour with a group or a private tour?

Do you want to hide away on a Greek island in the Mediterranean or sail the Aegean Sea on a chartered boat? If you like the ocean, relax on Balos Beach or sunbathe at Psarou. Pick the Greek vacation package that is perfect for you.

If you are interested in culture, the Parthenon will be high on your must-see list.

So will a tour of the Acropolis. Or how about a climb up Mount Olympus for an opportunity to spend time with the gods?

Go to the Epidaurus Theatre and imagine you are listening to Socrates or Plato. A truly quiet option is to tip-toe through the monasteries of Meteora. Another side-trip is to head for Corinth to compare the Roman and Greek influences and relics.

Overwhelmed by too much ancient history? Check the Museum of Contemporary Art.

If you like to hike, the Corfu Trail is waiting for you.

Then there is the food, the wine, and the art. It all adds up to a spectacular experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world.

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