Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Spain and Portugal stay embraced together as the two figures in the famous “The Kiss” painting by Gustav Klimt. Even if they form the Iberian Peninsula, together with Andorra and Gibraltar, these two countries should not be considered as a single unit only because of their proximity.
Once great global empires and incredible colonial powers, Spain and Portugal are intriguing and colorful places to create your unique European experience and enjoy a memorable vacation with a multitude of nuances.

Amazing landscapes in your Spain and Portugal tour

You will find sensational landscapes while on your Spain and Portugal tour. From the harsh border landscape of the rolling Pyrenees, to the neighboring green northern regions of Spain, the warm Mediterranean colors of Catalonia, the variety of the natural landscape and the ancient towns found inland. From the Portuguese landscape of the Douro Valley, carved by the vineyards of the famous Port, to the coastline of little marinas with their colorful boats, the endless horizons of the Alentejo region, and the coves among the red cliffs of the Algarve. Let the journey begin! Survey your map and anticipate beautiful landscapes that quickly change, but always will keep you amazed.

Visit Spain enjoying Spanish art and cultural landmarks

“Plus Ultra” is a Spanish slogan meaning “go further”. And Spain holds countless facets that go far beyond the usual commonplaces such as bullfights, flamenco and sandy beaches. When you visit Spain, you can discover the splendor of Charles V’s Empire (“the empire where the sun never set..”), the artistic legacy of Goya, Picasso and Dalí, the romantic adventures of Don Quixote and places that inspired a number of Hemingway’s books. Spain is also the ancient land of Andalusia with its wonderful palaces standing on the banks of the peaceful Guadalquivir River, home to the movida of Madrid and Ibiza, the cosmopolitan Barcelona of Gaudi and the stunning Guggenheim Museum by Frank Gehry in Bilbao. But the country’s real special charm lies in its people and their unique lifestyle.

Travel to Portugal means staying between past and future

Portugal is the land of Fado music and great seamen. It is one of Europe’s most undiscovered and fascinating countries, intriguing because of its stubborn attachment to the most genuine of maritime traditions and characterized until the mid 20th century by a proud kind of stoicism that resulted from centuries of occupying an isolated geographical position within Europe, this country is like no other where you will find amazing differences in daily coexistence. When you travel to Portugal you will instantly be seduced by a pleasant lifestyle, a rich architectural heritage consisting of colonial era palaces decorated with azulejos, melancholic cities and a natural wealth that embraces both land and sea. The capital, Lisbon, and its unique atmosphere stand out as clear symbols of this harmonious balance between past and future which still seems to be looking wistfully towards the ocean.

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