There is no doubt that Europe can boast most of the artistic masterpieces in the world. Exploring museums like the Louvre in Paris can be intimidating for even the most seasoned of travelers because of its collection that stretches from Ancient Egyptian to the Italian Renaissance. But to see this entire collection would take months, if not years. On our travel packages we always suggest to our clients to include guided visits led by expert guides to learn about cities’ fascinating history, iconic monuments and amazing museums, focusing on what is really worth to know and enjoy then a relaxed vacation at its best.

We love to pair Culture with family vacations

We definitely follow family vacations with a particular attention to the choice of the activities that kids can really enjoy and appreciate. We love working with families as we truly believe in the importance of traveling when young. It is always a great gift giving them the chance to learn, see and breathe history and arts directly on the field instead of learning only by watching television or reading a book. For this reason, we have selected with special care the activities for families with kids and our guides are specialized for making their tours more entertained and fun for them.

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