Gastronomy in Europe is a never ending journey. Learning about a country through its culinary traditions is one of the most essential travel’s pleasures. Food and Wine tours are true experiences to become well acquainted with a country as food is a tangible reflection of geography, history and culture. European food and wine shows its own personality in each region: French cuisine is known globally for its finesse and flavor; tapas and paella well represent the variety of Spain; chocolate is a sweet cuddle in Belgium; Swiss cheeses keep their Alpine flavors; goulash reflects ancient Hungarian roots. Luckily, it could be an endless list…

Amazing European wine regions & more

Last but not the least, wine regions in Europe represent global excellence. French areas like Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Loire Valley might be enough to tickle your appetite. White wines produced in the Rhine Valley should even not to be missed; as well as the Spanish Rioja red wines. If you like beer, we suggest you to visit Germany, a country which has more breweries than any other ones; or to travel to Czech Republic and Belgium, where brewing can boast very long traditions. Those who prefer peat smoke flavors can travel to Scotland and Ireland and taste local whiskeys in quaint pubs.

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