How to Delight Your Taste Buds? A Food and Wine Tour of Italy. Close your eyes and think “food tour Italy.” Which smells do you detect? Authentic Italian pizza? A cooking class that includes the tradition of pasta? A glass of Chianti to enhance the taste of the meal?

The vineyards of Tuscany

The most difficult part of a wine tour is deciding which vineyards you want to visit. It is almost overwhelming. Slow down and do a bit of research. The wineries near Florence and Siena have carved out a stellar reputation. If you want to see a bit more of the countryside, head for Montalcino about 80 km south of Florence. Your reward for travelling is a glass – or bottle — of Brunello.

The medieval and Renaissance hill town of Montepuiciano is a legend when it comes to bogegas y vinedos. The wine is made in the artisan tradition. The historical village is fairly close to Siena, so a visit can be done as a day-trip. An increasingly popular option is the Tuscany hills retreat for weddings, anniversaries, or graduations.


The truffles and great wines in Piedmont

The Italian white Alba truffles are a variety of the “hypogean mushroom” that grow underground. Every fall, when the truffles are ready, specially trained dogs go truffle hunting, so people can enjoy this delicacy. The village of Alba is particularly well known for its truffles. Depending on the variety, truffles can be white or black. The former are prized more than the latter.

Enjoy your truffles with a bottle of wine from Barolo. This village – which shares the name of the wine — is in the Langhe district of Piedmont.


The real Italian pizza of Naples

There is no shortage of cooking tours in Italy. If you want to learn how to make pizza you can find a chef academy from any number of schools. Spend enough time on an Italy food tour and you will be able to turn your home kitchen into an Italian restaurant.

The pizza in Naples has an excellent reputation, so it is an ideal location to find pizza and gelato classes.

As with all things Italian that are related to food, it takes time. The idea of tossing together a take-away pizza western style would have the chefs of Italy diving for cover. Learn to love the “slow food” tradition and your taste buds will thank you for the experience.