Snow, nature & Neuschwanstein castle tour

My little nephews asked me lot of time to visit King Ludwig’s royal castles located in South Germany. These castles are known all over the world as Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau and they are a must-see while spending a vacation in Bavaria. The first one even inspired Walt Disney’s movies and is the perfect synthesis of a fairy-tale castle.

To comply with my nephews’ desire, I got in touch with my European travel designer at Rising Vacations and we planned together my journey to Germany including a pleasant Neuschwanstein castle tour. Thanks to his expertise, I also had the opportunity to discover the peace and the quiet of this area, in addition to its history and origin, which dates back even to the 12th century.

The fabulous atmosphere suggested by the two castles and their luxury interior furnishing even spread across the region. About a dozens of little lakes lie among the meadows which display a bright green color under the sun. In winter, the surrounding mountains mirror into the frozen lakes, whose water has by now become like a skating surface. Peaks are covered with snow and ski lovers can easily reach them with a short ride from the valley.

Füssen and the German Romantic Road

Few kilometers far from this paradise I discovered a little jewel: Füssen, a town crossed by the river Lech. Before reaching this medieval town during my vacation in Bavaria, I was really surprised by the Royal Crystal Thermal Baths and their guests. They stand totally naked admiring the Bavarian landscape, while spending their time at the spa. Back to Füssen, it lies on the big artificial lake called Forggensee, which also offers the possibility to enjoy several boat tours. A relaxed lifestyle permeates the atmosphere in this place, even if local inhabitants are very active and industrious. Last but not least, from Füssen starts The German Romantic Road up to the town of Wurzburg. It is about 400 magic kilometers, one of the most appreciated touristic itineraries through Germany.

I think this will be my next tour. I am dreaming about it…

Clara from Italy