The Český Krumlov castle

Driving for two and a half hours through the scenic Bohemian countryside on the way to the Austrian border to enjoy one of the best day trips from Prague, Český Krumlov will bring you back to the Renaissance time.

The village dates back to the XIV century and Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles coexist harmoniously. Strolling through romantic curvy alleyways, you can admire the rich decorations of the historical houses and discover wonderful floral gardens. The town became the residence of the Rožmberk dynasty during the middle ages. Fascinated by the Italian Renaissance, their buildings influenced the appearance of the entire southern Bohemia to a great extent. Their coat of arms is represented by a red five-petaled rose (…keep in mind this detail!) and you can still often see it in most part of the region.

The Český Krumlov castle is definitely not to be missed. You can climb the 160 steps of its tower and enjoy a magnificent view over the downtown and the river below. The castle houses a rich collection of Flemish tapestries, period furniture and historical weapons. Furthermore, the baroque theater set inside the castle is the real gem of the building and one of the greatest attractions of Český Krumlov. Today the theater doesn’t operate as in the past because it is just a museum. Here, you can see hundreds of stage props, an extensive collection of the original theatrical repertoire, the original orchestra pit and the sophisticated technology of the stage.

The Five-Petaled Rose Celebrations

Throughout the year Český Krumlov offers several cultural events, such as the Five-Petaled Rose Celebrations in June, when the fairy tale town goes back to the Renaissance time. You will experience tournaments knights, historic crafts markets and ancient medieval music along the streets and squares. The climax of the festival is the historical procession when the residents wear Renaissance costumes and celebrate the summer solstice.

Set on a sort of natural chicane of the Vltava River, Český Krumlov is the central European version of the most beautiful villages of Tuscany or Alsace. Its spires, colors and atmosphere will make you appreciate the special taste for beauty of the Bohemian people. We are sure that your most used word after visiting this charming town will be “Wow!! That’s wonderful!”