Blooming lavender fields

Traveling along the Provencal roads which twist and turn through quaint medieval villages, you will constantly feel a very strong scent of lavender, the peculiar plant of this territory. The deep violet of the blooming lavender fields can be seen in summer, when it paints dramatic landscapes. July is truly the best period for a vacation in Provence enjoying the purple flowers show. Lavender, stills and essences are the protagonists of wonderful celebrations during the summer months, like the ones you can enjoy in the villages of Sault, Valensole and Ferrassières.

The Provencal tradition of use the lavender in the preparation of fine fragrances has deep and ancient roots. We recommend visiting the town of Grasse at the peak of the spring season: it would be an extraordinary sensory experience. Entering a perfume factory in Grasse means enjoy an olfactory journey with the rose of May, the orange blossom and other enchanting molecules wafting through the air and pervading your senses.

The Provencal cuisine

In the old towns of the region, you can learn about the extraordinary Provencal cuisine, made of traditional flavors and innovative combinations. Fruits and vegetables are the real stars of the Provencal table and every area has its own gastronomic specialty, although the true Provencal tradition can be found above all in Marseille. In one of its several brasseries you can taste the Bouillabaisse, a fish soup which is the quintessence of the Provencal seafood cuisine. The renowned vineyards of Chateauneuf du Pape rather represent the winemaking tradition of Provence. Due to its pleasantness, the town was even chosen by the popes as their summer residence, when they moved from their Palace in Avignon.

A vacation in Provence can evoke strong emotions. Postcards with lavender fields, houses with blue windows and colorful markets are the everyday reality of this country. We already experienced it; when are you going to?