Discovering Central Europe, a region that encompasses countries such as Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic, translates into getting lost in historically rich and often undefined cultures and traditions that express their distinct essences through incredible architectural styles, fairy tale landscapes and culinary surprises.

Looking for some good reasons to visit Austria?

Austria is known worldwide for its magnificent Alpine scenery and for the Habsburg baroque architectural treasures of Vienna and Salzburg. Visit Austria, homeland of the delicious Sachertorte and of many classical music composers (W.A. Mozart and J. Strauss Jr. just to name a few!), Austria will equally amaze you with the 1,440-room Schönbrunn Palace, the Viennese summer palace of the Habsburg monarchy.

Travel to Hungary and step into its fairytale world

When you travel to Hungary, you definitely step into a magnificent blend of old and new aspects of its history. Budapest, the imposing capital, split by the Danube River into traditional Buda and dynamic Pest, best exemplifies this quality. Here you will experience the most important and ancient thermal spring culture in Europe with an impressive 1,500 spas to choose from, while enjoying a glass of traditional Tocaj or a plate of spicy goulash.

Visit Prague and Czech Republic is a trip back in time

There are few places in the world like the Czech Republic: here you will find wonderful medieval towns, majestic castles, elegant palaces and the quaint architecture of traditional houses, all concentrated in such a small geographic area. Visit Prague, home to Franz Kafka and the site of hundreds of towers and spires. The capital city is literally a living architectural handbook, ranging from Gothic cathedrals to modern architectural cubist style treasures. Step back in time by walking the cobble stone streets of Prague’s Old Town or through the surprising Bohemia region and don’t forget to indulge in a locally brewed beer!

Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic luxury travel packages

Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic all belong to what is known as Mitteleurope, a German word and concept with a rather fluid and undefined meaning. In 1984 the Bohemian writer Milan Kundera gave us the best explanation for the concept of Mitteleurope in his book “The Tragedy of Central Europe”: “Central Europe is not a state. Central Europe is a culture or faith. Its border is imaginary and it is to be defined in every historical epoch again and again.”
Experience and feel this multicultural region with our luxury travel packages, without missing an exciting and romantic cruise down the Danube River, the quiet and grand feature of these lands.

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