France is Europe’s most flavorful, exciting and romantic country to explore. France gave us “le camembert”, Proust and Balzac, Renoir and Monet, the Champagne and Bordeaux wines, the Notre Dame Cathedral and Paris, the Tour de France, just to name a few.

Which of the places to visit in France are on your bucket list?

The physical and cultural nuances that describe this country are so distinct that French people frequently refer to their own region as mon pays (my country), identifying firstly with the strong regional history, traditions and cultures rather than the country as a whole.
Starting from the dramatic and romantic city of Paris, the French window to the world, on to the lavender fields of Provence and the light blue seas of the French Riviera, the places to visit in France are so numerous and wide in range that you would be hard pressed to take in everything this country has to offer in just one visit. Take a tour through the Loire Valley to view hundreds of castles, including the jewels Amboise, Chambord and Chenonceau, before arriving in Normandy to take in its famous Abbey of Mont St. Michel and the historical WWII Landing Beaches.

Culinary traditions and wine tours in France are memorable

Enjoy extraordinary wine tours and a special overnight stay in an authentic French château in the Champagne or Bordeaux areas.
You will encounter everything from fairy-tale castles and majestic cathedrals, to colorful landscapes and historical sites, delicious cuisine and excellent wines while traveling through France. When you enjoy the amazing view from the Tour Eiffel for the first time you will be awestruck by the wealth of beautiful this country offers up. France delights all the senses!…and especially so when you feel and experience first hand the typical joie de vivre quality that is synonymous with French living.

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