Essence of Paris

Visit Paris and enjoy its truly romantic and cultural atmosphere: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Palace of Versailles.
Relax walking along the Champs-Elysées; wander across the hill of Montmartre, the famous artists’ quarter where Picasso, Dali, Monet and Renoir, among many others, had their artist’s studios. Take a rest at a sidewalk bistrot for oysters and a glass of wine.

Wine tours and Castles: a magic binomial in the land of the tales

After few days in Paris make your way to the Loire Valley. A 280 km long region considered a natural World Heritage Site because of its “living cultural landscapes”, the history of the Loire Valley and its hundreds of castles traces closely the building priorities of successive reigning heads of the French royal family. Start your adventure of the valley in the town of Tours. Named Le Jardin de France, or The Garden of France, because of its scenic beauty and historical importance, Tours is especially treasured for the architectural heritage of its ancient city center. Visit some of the impressive castles in the valley, such as Amboise, a medieval fortress built as a royal residence in the 16th century; Chambord, a castle of seeming excess with a total of 426 rooms considered one of the masterpieces of Italian Renaissance architecture in France; Chenonceau, known as the Ladies Castle, Cheverny, a must-see for its richness in decoration and refined furniture; Villandry, worth a special visit for its terraced gardens that celebrate the allegory of love.

Active France bike tours

You may want to hire a car to better explore the Loire Valley to allow for the pace you desire as there are so many enchanting sights along the way. However, if you are fond of biking we suggest you explore the Loire à Vèlo, a wonderful bicycle route that will take you through the entire valley. Bike through the towns of Cuffy, Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, among others, and continue the route along the Loire River, the largest river in France, through this most spectacular valley of treasures.