Germany, a charming country located in the heart of Europe, has always had a leading role in Europe and even worldwide. Its history is extremely ancient and full of events that have marked the course of world history.
Germany offers a natural and cultural patchwork that greets visitors with every possible experience. The natural landscape is various and evocative, ranging from The Black Forest, a huge green area in southern Germany known for its extraordinary forests and landscapes, to the always charming Lake Constance, the romantic valleys of the Rhine and Mosel regions that offer spectacular views and great wines, and the alpine region of Bavaria that appeals with its beautiful world-class ski resorts.

A vacation in Germany dedicated to architecture

A vacation in Germany is a must for all lovers of art and architecture. Many cities have been completely rebuilt since the Second World War and the country’s architectural creativity has particularly been witnessed in Berlin. The Reichstag (German Parliament) and the Brandenburg Gate are both symbols of German reunification while the glitzy Potsdamer Platz is the modern benchmark for the city. The magical city of Dresden was considered the “Florence of the Elbe”. Weimar was one of the major centers of German culture and the cradle of the Bauhaus artistic movement.

Beautiful places to visit in Germany on your vacation

You will find many beautiful places to visit in Germany traveling throughout this country. In northern Germany you can find the vibrant city of Hamburg and the ancient cities of the Hanseatic League such as Bremen and Lübeck (its port is a real jewel!). The Cologne Cathedral is worth a visit as it stands out as the highest expression of the amazing German Gothic architecture. The cosmopolitan Frankfurt am Main earned the nickname Mainhattane for its shopping and impressive skyline. In southern Germany Munich hosts Oktoberfest, an annual event not to be missed by beer and German cuisine lovers. In the lovely region of Bavaria, you can visit the fantastic Neuschwanstein Castle, which was used as the model for the Sleeping Beauty tale and the well-known Disneyland fairy tale castle.

Great beers and composers, hallmarks of your Germany vacation

The eclectic nature of Germany has produced some of the world’s most famous poets, writers, and musicians. Its contribution to the world of classical music is undeniable and provides a powerful pretext for your Germany vacation. Bach and Beethoven, Goethe, the Grimm Brothers and Günther Grass are all part of a long and very high-level cultural tradition.
The typical rigorous German lifestyle has been enriched by different cultural influences and now can be described as modern, cosmopolitan and joyful. Lots of festivals are dedicated to beer and wine, music and good food are a real invitation to spend carefree and relaxed moments. We have only one tip for your vacation: while German trains are very efficient, driving through Germany will allow you to truly discover sites and treasures off the beaten path. Herzlich Willkommen!

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