Munich revels its nice contradictions

According to Germans themselves, Munich pulsates with prosperity and coziness. Its secret is that it seamlessly blends folklore and traditions with its metropolitan nature and sophisticated lifestyle: don’t be surprised to see a rich businessman getting out of a powerful BMW wearing the tracht, the typical Bavarian leather shorts.

Travel to Munich & explore the Bavarian beauties

Your vacation in Bavaria has to start from Munich, which is much more than Oktoberfest. The cathedral Frauenkirche is the architectural symbol of the city and overlooks its skyline with its high twin towers. You can enjoy a private walking tour through Marienplatz and admire the Neues Rathaus, the New Town Hall, and its amazing Glockenspiel, literally “game of bells”, a carillon which operates three times a day and tells the story of the city with its 32 almost life-size figures. You can even enjoy a beer and relax at the Englischer Garten, the green heart of the city.
Munich is the capital of Bavaria, a magical land where lively cities, imposing mountains, fairytale castles and medieval villages intertwine. Many towns in the region such as Augsburg and Regensburg were important centers since Roman times.

German Romantic Road and Neuschwanstein castle

You can traverse Bavaria via the Romantischen Straße (Romantic Road) that starts in Füssen, especially famous for its proximity to the castle of Neuschwanstein. From there move further south to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the most famous ski resort in Germany and a world renowned site for important sporting events. Here the main streets are surrounded by an extensive series of frescoed houses. The village is famous for its yearly music festival in June dedicated to the composer Richard Strauss who died here.
When it rains in the rest of Germany, in Bavaria the sun shines. It is not a spell, but a gift from the winds blowing down from the Alps that regularly sweep away the dark clouds. Kissed by the sun, this corner of southern Germany is unique in Europe thanks to its picture perfect landscapes.