Once the wedding is over, it is time to relax. How about a honeymoon in Greece? Athens and islands hopping are available. Check the Greece honeymoon packages.

Planning the trip. Romantic Greece – where you will find luxury resorts next to sunny beaches. Close your eyes and imagine checking into a luxury resort with a suite overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

A honeymoon in Greece offers Mediterranean vibes that are not found anywhere else. Romance is in the air.

Finding things to do in Greece

For a Greek romance, decide on some memorable events to experience with your partner. How about a private sunset cruise? Or sailing Greek islands? You don’t have to look very far to find all sorts of choices about what to do. Greek Island hopping is another option – and there are about 300 that are inhabited — the Cyclades Islands, the Aegean Sea, Crete. Highly recommended is Santorini, as it is known for being a very romantic island. Stroll hand-in-hand along the white sandy beach. Sit in a café and sip a glass of wine as you watch the world go by. Enjoy sunset caldera views on Santorini. The caldera is part of a submerged volcano that was created about 3500 years ago. Greek’s cliffs are best seen from the villages of Imerovigli, Oia or Fira.

Another suggestion is to spend some time in Athens. While there visit the Parthenon and imbibe the history and culture of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Enjoying the food and the wine

Feta. Olives. Tzatziki. Pack a lunch with a bottle of Assyrtiko and find a place to have an intimate picnic for two by the water.
The restaurants in Greece cater to romantic, unhurried dinners. Think candlelight and music. Sip a glass of Ouzo to finish off a perfect day.

How about a visit to a Greek winery complete with tastings? Or a swim in the Aegean Sea? Or a visit to a fishing village?

Greek honeymoon packages offer such a variety of options, all designed to create wonderful lasting memories.