Romantic Budapest Experience

Located along the Danube River, Budapest is the most romantic, beautiful and exciting city in Central Europe. There is an intimate and indissoluble relationship between the city and the river you will quickly discover and feel during your time here. The Hungarian capital adorns and decorates the banks of the Beautiful Blue Danube with its numerous monuments. The river generously reciprocates the favor. Castles, palaces and churches vainly mirroring on the water are the most fascinating and romantic show that “the Paris of Eastern Europe” offers to everyone. The majestic neo-gothic Parliament stands out among all the amazing sights and during the night it lights up and shines on the water as a curious Narcissus. You can choose to spend an entire day or more on a river cruise until the sun hides behind the clearing of the castle and the city lights begin to play on the water, creating a waltz of flashes and sparkles and a magical atmosphere which suits the sighs and the beating of the most romantic hearts.

During the hot summer days you can explore Margitsziget, the large Margaret Island. Surrounded by greenery, in a charming place, you can spend the day sunbathing on the lawns or just stroll through the traffic free streets of the island, crossing just the carefree gazes of people. You can enjoy one of the famous Budapest sunsets on the Danube while enjoying an aperitif or dinner in a restaurant overlooking the river, letting the orange and pink reflected light on the water instill a feeling of peace, pleasure and contentment.

You can also experience the thermal baths along the river. The spas of Budapest are a must and are fabulous to visit especially in winter and during the night. The spa waters reach around 100° F while the temperature outside the pools, depending on the time of year, ranges from 50° F and 30° F. The hot water will make you forget the cold outside. A glass of tocaj and the lights of the night will do the rest to deeply relax you.

If you prefer to become familiar with one of the biggest river in Europe (the Danube is almost 3000 kilometers long and entirely navigable all while crossing nine European countries!) you must definitely experience a cruise. You will discover historical and breathtaking scenery, romantic castles and ancient monasteries. Its banks have inspired many artists throughout the centuries: they were all captivated by the same charm that still make sailing its waters an unforgettable experience.

Romantic Castles Experience

Once upon a time princes and princesses lived in a fairy kingdom in Central Europe. Now this place is called the Czech Republic, and the glitz and splendor of those times past still remain as indelible marks throughout this land.

The magical memory of an aristocratic and stormy past, sometimes bloody too, is visible today thanks for countless castles, mansions, and fortresses that crowd the entire country. Almost 2000 castles dot cities and the countryside, and 200 of them are open all year or during the summer season. Some of these sites are now owned by the state yet many are still maintained by private citizens that are descendents from the original noble family owners. Surrounded by parks, gardens and wonderful forests, symbols of different ages and each with its own peculiarities, these are admirable buildings, treasure chests of preciously furnished interiors, and form essential steps of a charming journey that leads back in time.

From North to South, from the heart of the capital to remote rocky spurs, from the rugged impregnable fortresses to elegant aristocratic residences it would be impossible to describe here all the dense cultural past and the extraordinary architectural heritage – not infrequently under the aegis of UNESCO – of the Czech Republic, yet certainly some suggestions will be enough for hopeless romantics and art and history lovers to visit and enjoy a fairy-tale honeymoon or vacation here. On this romantic journey into the aristocratic and imperial past of the Czech Republic be sure to visit the heart of Prague where its famous castle, Pražský hrad, rises above the city. As the symbol of the city, the caste consists of a large-scale composition of palaces and ecclesiastical buildings of various architectural styles. Not far from Prague you will encounter the Gothic Karlstein Castle, commissioned by the emperor Charles IV for safe-keeping of crown jewels and holy relics.

In southern Bohemia the Český Krumlov castle will dazzle you with its ancient Baroque theater, fully preserved with its original stage technology and costumes. A little further north lies the most romantic castle of the country, Hluboka nad Vltavou, that almost appears as a glimpse of old England among the woods of the Czech countryside. Once you arrive in Moravia the Baroque Kromeriz Castle and the Renaissance Velke Losiny Castel will welcome you with their exquisite architecture. In the Vysocina region the most precious jewel is certainly the Telc Castle: originally a Gothic fortress, it was transformed by Italian craftsmen into an extraordinary Renaissance residence.

The list could truthfully be endless and go on for pages. Surely you will find your “own” romantic castle and probably surprise your sweetie with wonderful discoveries made off the beaten path.