Get Healthy and Fit with Wellness Italy.

In Italy – the land of pasta, wine, and desserts – obesity is not a problem. Italians love to go out for a stroll to wear off decadent calories. And what is better than a Cinque Terre walk? In the pursuit of health and reducing stress, Italians have also traditionally “taken the waters”. This regenerating option is available at the Ischia Thermal Baths. Along with the culture and the emphasis on health, Italians have developed a habit of enjoying the seaside and tradition in Apulia.

Adopt a “wellness Italy” itinerary and come away healthier and fitter than when you arrived.


Cinque Terre hiking

Nestled along the north-west coast of Italy, these five picturesque fishing villages dot the Cinque Terre. The name translates as “five lands.” Since there is no one-size fits all walk, pick the trails that appeal to you. Some will opt for a hard-day hike, others may decide to stroll down a footpath. Get your bearings and plan from there.

Riomaggiore is the southernmost village. The paved path will lead you to the next village, Manarola. This hamlet offers the via dell’amore – Street of Love. Calculate about 30 minutes and an easy walk. Corniglia is where the real hiking begins. If the trail is closed, there is the option to take the train. A climb of 328 stairs will take you to the top – and help get you into shape.

The trail continues on to Vernazza. Estimate a jaunt of about an hour and 45 to arrive. The next part of the hike to Monterosso is gentle. Starting in Monterosso and ending up in Vernazza, however, is more demanding. The Footpath Monterosso-Vernazza is a medium level hike and takes an hour and a half. The trails are narrow in places and the views are spectacular.

Portofino –a town long known as the refuge of the “jet set” – has a large natural harbor, if you want to moor your yacht there. If not, consider a day-trip.

Porto Venere – near Cinque Terre on the Ligurian coast – includes the nearby villages of Fezzano and Le Grazoe. Close and worth a visit.


Ischia Thermal Baths

Ischia, Italy is a small volcanic island in the Mediterranean Sea about 30 km (19 miles) from Naples. Many islands dot this area of the coast, which is also known as the Neapolitan Rivera. The surface area of Ischia Island is about 46.3 square kilometers (17.9 square miles). This area is known for the Ischia thermal spa and for the volcanic mud. The mixture of hot earth and water is believed to be therapeutic.


Seaside and tradition in Apulia

Look at the boot heel of Italy to find the rugged waters of Apulia in the Mediterranean Sea. People from army and navy families might want to do an ancestry tour as many perished there in the Battle of Gallipoli. The capital city is Brindisi. Other places to visit include Gargano, Otranto, and Lecce. The stone walls or “trulli” are specific to this region.