Traditions and Innovations in London vacation

Few cities in the world know how to mix tradition and innovation as London, the heart of British culture. Here you find all the principal institutions, from Buckingham Palace, the Royal House of Windsor residence, and the Houses of Parliament, to all the most some of the world’s most popular museums and monuments.

Free London museums and amazing parks for hiking

In any corner of this old city you can feel the history of a power that dominated the world for centuries, and still now maintains a special relationship with its former colonies through the Commonwealth of Nations. London is also the city capable of converting a power plant into a museum, such as the Tate Modern, or the first to express new youth trends, even when they present manifestations that work against their own establishment, as was the case with the punk movement. In London you can relax walking through Hyde Park, one of the largest parks of the city. A tour on a typical red double-decker bus is a must, as well as strolling along the Covent Garden district to enjoy its street performers. Among the many museums in London, the National Gallery deserves priority in your travel plans. Located in Trafalgar Square, its collection includes some of the most famous paintings in the world. You can also visit the huge British Museum where you can choose to visit one or two of its famous sectors dedicated to the ancient art of the Egyptians, Hindus, or Aztecs.

Daily excursions from London

London is a perfect starting point from which you can easily reach popular destinations within a hundred kilometer range. In Oxford you will find the oldest university in the English-speaking world, and here you can visit Christ Church College and the Bodleian Library. In Somerset County, Bath is a famous spa since the Roman times and it is a city full of parks, gardens and impressive neoclassical buildings. Salisbury is a lovely town and its beautiful cathedral preserves a copy of the Magna Charta. If you travel through the English countryside you can encounter medieval villages and unique prehistoric sites surrounded by mystery such as Stonehenge and Avebury.

Shopping in London

If you are a shopping lover, London is the right place for you. You can immerse yourself in endless shopping in Oxford Street or at the high-end department store Harrods. Here you can buy anything “From the Pin to the Elephant” and you can find “Everything for Everybody Everywhere” as say its slogans. London is also plenty of outdoor markets crowded with people of every type and race, such as the amazing Portobello market. Just the extreme diversity of its population makes London a unique city which is both English, European and international all at the same time. You’ll find that each “borough” (administrative district) has its own soul, a true city within the city. You will experience both deep cultural aspects and crazy nights. London has a vibrant energy and constantly changes. A vacation here will never give you the same experience twice!