Travel to Scotland, a land of history and brave hearts

When you think about Scotland what often comes to mind are bearded bagpipers dressed in kilt, castles haunted by ghosts, fearless knights and lakes inhabited by legendary and mythological monsters.
The wild and beautiful country of Scotland, with its dreamy and surreal atmosphere, is all of that and so much more. The best way to discover it is by traveling among its ancient and contemporary cities or among its dramatic Highlands. You can follow the whiskey and the clans’ trails, or plan a romantic getaway here.

Edinburgh: live in a postcard!

Your visit starts in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. The skyline of Scotland’s capital is dominated by its castle that dates back to 1130 AD. Inside this magnificent medieval building, you can visit the National War Museum, the Royal Jewels and the Royal Palace. Every day since 1846 except on Sundays a cannon shot (the one o’clock gun) is fired at 1 p.m. to signal the time of day to ships docking at the port. From the castle you can enjoy an extraordinary view of the Old Town and the New Town of Edinburgh.
The Old Town preserves its medieval structure and many buildings of the Protestant Reformation period which overlook the main street, the Royal Mile, a long straight road connecting the Castle with the Holyrood Palace, the official residence of the UK Queen in Scotland. The New Town was built at the end of the 18th century. Its original core remains a wonderful example of architecture and urbanism of the Georgian time. Here you can find some of the best Scottish museums such as the National Gallery of Scotland and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Another good reason for a vacation in Edinburgh may be the Edinburgh International Festival, an important theater event which takes place every year in August.

Scottish Highland tours

Moving from Edinburgh on the way to the Highlands make a stop at Stirling. In this town in 1297 the Battle of Stirling Bridge of the legendary Scottish hero William Wallace and the Scots was fought, and although outnumbered, they prevailed on the English army.
The beautiful landscape of the Highlands is rich in lochs (the Gaelic word for a lake) and catching the steam train from Aviemore to the Boat of Garden can be an excellent way to enjoy the spectacular view. The town of Inverness is considered the gateway to the Highlands. While waiting to hike the Highlands, you can relax strolling through the town center and enjoy its nightlife, one of the most famous in the UK. Close to Inverness you can also explore Loch Ness, one of the major attractions of Scotland known worldwide for its famous monster legends.

Isle of Skye, a wild experience in the nature

To take in more of Scotland, you can visit Skye Island that is linked to the mainland by a long bridge. Here you can admire the Eilan Donan Castle where scenes from the movie Highlander were filmed. This wonderful island will enchant you with the variety of its landscape and for being one of the places in Scotland where the Gaelic culture and language is still well preserved and handed down. Regardless of the path of your journey, Scottish traditions will delight you while their Gaelic pride will amaze you.