The Black Forest Experience

The Black Forest (Schwarzwald) is one of the most beautiful areas of Germany and it is the perfect place for a relaxing vacation surrounded by nature. It is located in the region of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. The entire territory is part of two national parks and extends for about 150 km. The weather conditions here are always rather mild and support the lush growth of very high trees. In fact, the forest is so named because of the dense fir forest that covers the whole area (even the Romans called it “Selva Nigra”).

The Black Forest is a true heaven for nature lovers and mountain bikers. You can find thousand of trails and cycling paths. Leaving from the village of Freudenstadt you can choose among paths suitable for a relaxing ride with your family or more challenging routes for expert cycling tourists, such as the “Tour of the 3 Lakes”. The only large cities in the region are Freiburg and Baden Baden, both are situated on the edge of the forest. They are both an ideal starting point for an exploration of the Black Forest.

Freiburg is an important wine-producing area. The town is characterized by a thick network of channels that run throughout the old city center and a mass of small bridges which cross them. The gothic cathedral and its 116 meters high bell tower are not to be missed, as well as the red façade Kaufhaus. Located in the opposite of the same square, the Kaufhaus was built for mid 16th century merchants to use as a warehouse for their salt and wine.

Baden Baden has been Germany’s prime spa resorts since the 19th century, when it was chosen by kings, nobles and intellectuals from all over Europe as a destination for vacation, healing treatments and relaxing in nature. And even for its casino! One of the most famous novels of European literature, “The Gambler” by Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky was set in Baden-Baden. The town is very refined and full of parks and gardens for walking. Baden Baden is also known for its rich calendar of concerts, exhibitions and cultural events of all kinds.

The region of the fir trees is not only a great green expanse. Inside you can also find lots of spa resorts, castles and lovely villages, many of them located along the Clocks Route (Deutsche Uhrenstrasse). The area is especially famous for the cuckoo clock production that began in 1738. In the charming town of Triberg you can admire amazing and huge cuckoo clocks. The area is even famous for its waterfalls. Among the highest in Germany, they can be visited in their entirety only from April to October, but open during the evening until 10 pm letting you enjoy an impressive sight of water and lights. After relaxing at the spa or hiking do not miss the regional delicacies, such as Black Forest ham with its strong flavor, the cherry brandy and above all the famous Black Forest cherry cake, the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, made with cream, chocolate and cherries. You can find it at any bakery in the region and it is really a pleasure for your taste buds!

The Rhine Experience

The Upper Middle Rhine Valley in the stretch from Rüdesheim to Koblenz is one of the most enchanting journeys in all of Germany and it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Along the rolling banks of the river breathtaking landscapes follow one another and you can completely immerse yourself in the gorgeous nature.There are no industrial towns or factory in the area. The river flows sinuously through the valley. Around every bend fairy tale scenery reveals and constantly changes. Protected by cliffs, forests and expanses of vineyards, the valley produces excellent wines and is characterized by medieval castles, mighty fortresses, and small villages with the characteristic half-timbered houses.

The Rhine rises in the Swiss Alps and is one of the longest rivers in Europe. Since ancient times it has always been a navigable river and one of the important routes for the commercial and cultural exchange between the northern and southern European regions. To better explore the Middle Rhine Valley we suggest a boat trip on board the “Goethe”, the last paddle steamer in service on the river, or hiking along the Rhine Castles Trail. This picturesque route is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the extraordinary landscape and the rich cultural heritage of the area. Here you will encounter several masterpieces of Rhenish architecture, such as mighty castles and towers. For all those who love adventure, there are also two climbing routes, the Middle Rhine Rock Climb and the Oelsberg Trail, which both require a high level of fitness, but your hard work will be rewarded with amazing views.

North of Koblenz you definitely cannot miss a wonder of nature, the Adernach geyser. When people think about geysers, the American Yellowstone National Park and Iceland usually come to mind, but Germany is home to the world’s highest cold-water geyser. Located on the nature reserve of Naymeder Werth peninsula, the geyser erupts every two hours from April through to the end of October. We can arrange an informative tour for you to visit the Adventure Center in Andernach, where visitors can learn all about the geyser. Then a short boat ride along the Rhine will bring you directly to the geyser: you can get as close to it as you feel comfortable, but we suggest wearing shoes you do not mind getting wet!