Fringing it at the Festival in 2018 – Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Diverse, edgy, colorful, and sometimes downright controversial, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival has sprawled out in the Scottish capital every August since 1947.
Usually referred to as simply “The Fringe,” it is the world’s largest, interactive arts festival that attracts people from around the globe. In 2017, for example, there were over 300 venues to host the 3,398 shows, and the 53,232 performances.

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The Cordoba Patio Festival – Best destinations in Spain

Cordoba by night

Cordoba is in full bloom every spring with special and exciting festivities. Kicking off with a historic parade called the “Battle of the Flowers”, Cordoba officially launches its popular spring celebrations with the amazing May Crosses festival. The festival typically takes place during the month’s first week; it is followed by the renowned Patio Contests that could easily continue past mid May.

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A step back to Roman times in Spain

Segovia aqueduct day trips from Madrid

Witness to a long sequence of ancient cultures, the Roman Aqueduct majestically presides over the streets and the impressive heritage of Segovia, one of the not-to-be-missed day trips from Madrid.

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The Austrian Romantic Route Experience

Wolfgangsee Salzkammergut vacation in Austria

Dotted with lovely locations and amazing natural landscapes, the Austrian Romantic Route will let you enjoy charming atmospheres and quaint villages off the beaten path during your vacation in Austria.

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Best Honeymoon Spots around France

Sunset Seine Paris best honeymoon spots

Which are the best honeymoon spots around France? Let’s imagine a sort of romantic Grand Boucle (“Big Curl”), the nickname for the Tour of France, one of the most watched sports event in the world.

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Your London vacation starts at Covent Garden

Covent garden London Vacation

On my last travel to London I went first to see Covent Garden as it’s my wont. It was November, when London switches on its Christmas lights and you can see the city at its most dazzling. Before starting one of my classic London tours, I walked down Regent Street to see its Christmas makeover made by amazing garlands of lights which entirely light up this grand shopping road.

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